Insurance & Retirement Services

"You can't escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today."

- Abraham Lincoln

Insurance is an often overlooked, but critical, dimension of wealth preservation that plays a key role in estate planning, risk management, tax planning, and asset protection .While life insurance is obtained for the death benefit need, when properly incorporated into your financial planning, insurance can:

Minimize the risk of estate tax. Paying estate taxes may not be possible without selling or liquidating assets. Life insurance can provide immediate cash to the trust or your heirs, generally free of income tax.

Achieve charitable goals. By designating a charity as a beneficiary, you can make a substantial gift for a relatively modest cost.

Create an estate. Life insurance can be used to create an estate that helps protect and preserve your family’s lifestyle – safeguarding them and their future should something happen to prevent you from completing your asset accumulation goals.

Protect income and assets from disability and illness. Disability income insurance can replace a percentage of your annual income should you be unable to work, and can help to make sure that you and your family are protected from any financial hardship during your time of disability.

Client Centered Solutions

Life Insurance

Essential to protecting your legacy, an adequate life insurance policy plays a key role in proper estate planning. Developing a life insurance plan that meets your family's financial needs and aspirations requires a solid understanding of taxes, trusts, investments, and a myriad of other factors.

In addition to offering traditional whole life, universal life, and term insurance, Robbins Financial Group works closely with estate planning advisors and other team members to propose additional options that best suit your needs.

Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance can be an important addition to your financial plan to help cover your needs should you or your spouse be unable to work.

Robbins Financial Group can help ensure that that you’ve protected your future income stream, just as you would protect your home, health, or automobile!

Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust (ILIT)

An Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust, when structured properly, is not part of your estate and is not subject to estate taxes. Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts are an ideal way to grow your assets and provide for your heirs; the trust owns your life insurance policy and pays the premium, with the proceeds passing into the trust. Click here to learn more about our tax strategies.

Specialized Insurance

Wealth transfer strategies and non-qualified executive benefits are some of the most complex - yet potentially rewarding - financial challenges facing high net worth individuals and executives. Robbins Financial Group can provide you with a number of innovative, customized insurance strategies that can maximize your estate and enhance your compensation.

Corporate Insurance

Business Owners can also benefit from a myriad of insurance-based strategies that will help to preserve the businesses value at a predictable cost. Click here to learn more about our business services.


"The future is purchased by the present."

- Samuel Johnson


Planning for retirement requires careful preparation and a prudent investment strategy. Whether a client’s desire is to create an income stream that will ensure a comfortable retirement or to preserve assets to pass on to heirs, Robbins Financial Group can help clients construct a portfolio that will help meet their needs based on the individual’s risk tolerance available assets.


Retirement Income Analysis


For clients seeking a disciplined investment strategy, Robbins Financial Group offers customized investment allocation plans that, if properly implemented, can help them meet their retirement goals. Key considerations in creating our client’s investment allocation plans include the individual’s top financial objectives, investment time horizon, risk tolerance, tax situation and cash needs.

Our rigorous asset allocation process results in broadly diversified portfolios for our clients. Using a transparent, process-oriented approach allows our clients to take part in selecting a viable retirement date and asset accumulation goal.

Asset Allocation neither assures a profit nor protects against loss in a declining market. 

Retirement Account Consolidation

Account consolidation is often the first step helping our clients to reach their retirement objectives. By consolidating a client's IRAs and other retirement plan assets through Robbins Financial Group, clients may benefit from:

- An integrated investment strategy that allows the client to closely monitor asset allocation strategy

- Access to a variety of investment vehicles that may not be available in a company sponsored retirement plan

- Beneficiary consolidation to facilitate estate planning

In many cases, clients are eligible to roll over assets from their employer-sponsored plans (401(k)s) into an IRA, and potentially increase their investment flexibility. In order to determine whether you qualify, please contact a representative of Robbins Financial Group.

An IRA participant is allowed only one indirect rollover in any 12-month period across all IRAs that he or she owns. An indirect rollover is a participant-initiated distribution in which the participant receives the proceeds and subsequently rolls those proceeds into another (or the same IRA) within 60 days. Individuals can continue to make unlimited trustee-to-trustee transfers (transfers directly between IRAs) as well as unlimited conversions from tradition IRAs to Roth IRAs. Clients should consult their tax advisor prior to effecting a rollover.

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