Professional Athletes

You have imagined success since childhood. In our experience, our professional athlete clients rarely consider the many challenges that come along with it. Great professional success requires great responsibility. With extensive travel, relocation, incredible wear and tear on your body, and numerous challenges arising for a young family in the spotlight, you can see how most athletes are too preoccupied to plan for life after the game. This is not about your mortality, it's about protecting the years of hard work, dedication and sacrifice you've endured, while still in your maximum earning years. Protect yourself NOW, during the prime of your career, and live worry free later knowing you've got a plan... it's never too early to plan for your future. 

Our goal is to assure that the financial rewards of your grueling early years are well managed and provide financial freedom for the second half of your life. Even the greatest athletes have more than half their lives to live after the uniform comes off. 

Unique questions for the Professional Athlete:

  • If you suffer a career-ending injury, have you protected your early earnings to sustain yourself and your family in the future?
  • Baseball's great Joe Garagiola said "It's a blink of an eye from the all-star game to the old-timers game." Will you and your family be protected when the spotlight fades?
  • Unlike many high income professions, professional athletes can have abnormally short career spans... how can you maximize your earning years to set yourself up for a worry free future?
  • Following an amazing career and financial success, how will you honor your legacy for generations to come?
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Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck